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Discover the Fresh Frozen
Fish Direct from Vietnam
with VAFCO

As a leading frozen fish supplier in Vietnam, VAFCO offers importers unbeatable value on premium seafood sourced directly from our coastline. We consolidate the finest catch from local fishermen into cost-effective wholesale shipments, providing businesses with an efficient solution to stock diverse frozen fish for sale at the best prices. 

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Our expansive selection of frozen fish includes popular varieties like Basa (Swai), Seabass (Barramundi), Tilapia, and reef fishes along with specialty offerings like cephalopods, crabs, and shrimp. We systematically DNA test our products to guarantee authenticity and prevent fraud, ensuring you receive genuine, high-grade seafood every time. Our innovative eco-friendly packaging technology maintains freshness and quality in transit while minimizing environmental impact.


With VAFCO, importing frozen fish is made simple. We handle logistics end-to-end, from sourcing diverse products across Vietnam to consolidating them into a single refrigerated shipment bound straight for your warehouse. This eliminates hassles and delays compared to coordinating with multiple suppliers. As a wholesale frozen fish supplier, we pass substantial savings directly to you by cutting out middlemen. This enables importers of all sizes to competitively price quality frozen fish, from independent grocery store owners to large restaurant chains.


Give your business a competitive edge with VAFCO’s frozen fish import services today. Browse our frozen fish online that are unbeatable wholesale pricing and extensive inventory, featuring ready-to-order basics like tilapia fillets and specialty items like whole frozen mackerel. When you’re ready to order, our team will arrange efficient shipping straight to your facility. Discover why leading restaurants, grocers, and distributors trust VAFCO frozen fish from Vietnam. The quality is second to none, and our prices can’t be beaten.


Contact our team today to arrange a tailored frozen fish shipment that meets your exact requirements and budget. Give your business an advantage with frozen fish direct from the source – order now from VAFCO, a leading frozen fish supplier in Vietnam.


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