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Experience the Peak
Quality of VAFCO Frozen
Crab and Frog Legs from Vietnam

As a premier exporter of frozen seafood from Vietnam, VAFCO provides importers with reliable access to exceptionally fresh and flavorful frozen crab and frog legs. Our frozen crab offerings feature prime varieties like mud crab, blue swimmer, and snow crab, while our frog legs are harvested humanely and frozen at their peak.

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VAFCO leverages long-term partnerships with dedicated local fishermen and processors to hand-select crabs and frog legs at optimal freshness. Our frozen crabs are prized for their trademark sweet taste, firm texture, and vibrant color. Meanwhile, our frozen frog leg meat boasts mild, moist white with a delicate flavor. Swift freezing preserves the pristine quality after harvest.


We consolidate diverse premium seafood into cost-effective wholesale orders shipped directly to your warehouse. This simplifies importing and provides volume discounts not possible when sourcing from multiple vendors. You can be confident in our rigorous quality control and inspection standards.


Experience the difference of VAFCO frozen crab and frog legs today. Browse our unrivaled selection of frozen shrimp, fish, clam-snail, and agri-products with pricing on bulk quantities tailored to your needs. Then leave the shipping logistics to us while you focus on your business.


Give your imports a boost in quality and value with VAFCO premium frozen crab and frog legs from Vietnam's shores. Contact us today to create a customized wholesale seafood order. Join leading restaurants, distributors, and retailers who rely on VAFCO for a competitive advantage in frozen seafood sourcing. Insist on the best - choose VAFCO!


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