Vannamei - Shrimp-prawn-lobster


(Vannamei monodon)

High quality Vannamei products from highly regarded Vannamei exporters / suppliers. We also help to import Vannamei to USA / America.

Vannamei vietnam seafood

Vannamei vietnam seafood

Vannamei vietnam seafood

Vannamei vietnam seafood

Vannamei vietnam seafood

Vannamei vietnam seafood

Vietnamese Vannamei Shrimp or Whiteleg Shrimp has become popular product with global consumers. From Jan to Nov 2013, the volume of Vannamei export is higher than Black tiger shrimp. That year frozen Vannamei export hits USD 1.4 billion which over USD 1.2 billion of Black tiger. In Jan 2014. Whiteleg export to the US increases 300% as compared with last month of 2013.

Though the global economy has many difficulties, the consummation is rolling down, the demand of Whiteleg shrimp from the US and EU market is still high. Frozen Vannamei export to those market increases each year, unlike Black Tiger, White Leg is cheaper and suitable for every class, nowadays it becomes popular meal, appears as daily food as well as traditional foods.

In 2008, Vietnam Whiteleg Shrimp farming area was only 13,455 hectares, but in 2013, the area of Vannamei farming expanded to nearly 65,000 hectares with productivity of 3.8 MT per hectare that supplies a stable and quality source to the universal market.

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