Scampi - Shrimp-prawn-lobster


(Macrobrachium rosenbergii)


High quality Scampi products from highly regarded Scampi exporters / suppliers. We also help to import Scampi to USA / America.

Frozen HOSO Scampi

Packing: Semi Block / Block 6 x 1.3kgs or IWP or

Size ( pcs/kg): 2/4, 4/6, 6/8, 40/60

Besides Black Tiger, Vietnam Scampi is also a valuable shrimp export. Global demand for scampi has grown 600 percent over the past 10 years, Scampi meat is sweet, savory and nutritional, this seafood product is very popular and its recipe often appears in small shops as well as in high-end restaurants.

Vietnam Scampi is cultivated in Delta Mekong - CanTho, Đong Thap, Tien Giang and Kien Giang .The climate and land of this region is the ideal environment for Black Tiger and Scampi Shrimp, Frozen Scampi is one of main export items in those provinces. Export of Scampi to the US, Japan and EU increases each years due to a stable supply from aquaculture farmers belong the South Rivers, plus Vietnam Scampi price is always reasonable and no doubt, its quality makes the most difficult buyers satisfied

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