Black Tiger - Shrimp-prawn-lobster

Black Tiger

(Penaeus (Penaeus) monodon)

Viet Asia Foods Company has high quality Black Tiger shrimp from manufacturers in Vietnam. We are highly regarded Black Tiger exporters / suppliers. We are ready to help import Black Tiger shrimp to USA / America.

Black Tiger Shrimp is one of the most sought-after shrimp products and exports in the world, and is among the top choices of North American and EU consumers. Almost half of the shrimp consumed worldwide is farmed, with the majority coming from Asia and Latin America. Nowadays there are about 22 countries cultivating Black Tiger.

Vietnam is the number one black tiger shrimp exporter in the world with a production of 300,000 tons in 2011. Why do buyers choose Vietnam as their number 1 Black Tiger Shrimp Supplier? Firstly, Vietnam has a stable supply from aquaculture farmers in the South. Secondly, Black tiger products in this country are well-known as the top quality for global market for years. Even the most difficult consumers from United States, Japan, Europe, Korea and Australia have been consistently pleased with Vietnamese Black Tiger Shrimp quality. Last but not least, Vietnam offers a very competitive price for frozen Black Tiger product.

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