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Viet Asia Foods is reliable shrimps (prawns) and lobsters exporter from Vietnam.

We supply many kinds of shrimps such as: Sea Tiger , Black Tiger , Vannamei, White (wild caught) , Pink (wild caught) , Cat Tiger , Flower...

We are strong at supplying big size Raw Head-on Black Tiger like U/5 U/7 U/10 U/15 pcs/kg 100% net , 4/6 6/8 8/12 13/15 pcs/800g net . We also sell big size PDTO , PD , HLSO , HL EZP 6/8 8/12 13/15 pcs/lb

Recently ,we have commenced to produce Cooked HOSO from alive black tiger . Main sizes are 10/12 13/15 16/20 pcs/lb. Packing is 5kg or 10kg bulk /carton .

When material small sizes available , we produce Cooked then Peeled shrimps . It can be from Cat Tiger , Wild Pink or Black Tiger . Packing is block 200-300g net or IQF bulk. Size 60/90 90/110 100/200 pcs/lb

We have small sea shrimp PD 91/120 100/200 200/300 300/500 Broken , packed 6 x 2kg for industry . This shrimp is no chemical treated .
Quantity 1-2 x 20FCL /month

For fresh water shrimp , we mainly do HOSO scampi . We have good quality of Scampi PD butterfly cut , but quantity is small .

We deal with 2 kinds of Lobsters . Rock Lobster and Slipper Lobster . Rock Lobster ( Spiny Lobster ) we sell mainly Whole Lobster size 200/300 300/500 500/700 700/up . For Slipper Lobster we sell Whole , Tail and Meat . We have good quantity for these Lobsters.

You can co-load our shimps / prawns /lobsters products with other species in a single shipment.

Viet Asia Foods is highly regarded shrimp prawn lobster exporters / suppliers from Viet Nam. We supply quality shrimp prawn lobster to importers.

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