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Viet Asia Foods is highly regarded shell mollusca exporter from Viet Nam. We supply White clam, Brown clam (Meretrix Lyrata) and Yellow clam for the whole year round. White clam (Meretrix Lyrata) in Viet Nam is very well-known by its juicy and tasty meat. White clams live naturally along the Eastern sea coasts of the provinces in South Vietnam. White clams are wild caught by hands.

For White clam, we export whole raw clam, whole cooked clam in vacuumed bag. We also do white clam meat and half-shell white clam. For the yellow clam, we do mainly cooked yellow clam meat and whole raw type.
Besides , we also supply  seasonally Scallop ( half-shell and meat ) , Sweetshell (also known as Sweet Conch) ,  Asiatic Hard Clam , Ark shell clam , Blood clam and several kinds of sea Snails like Areola Babylon (Babylonia areolata), Melo melo (Indian volute).

Our Sweetshell (Sweet Conch) , is processed from our  live material . We produce Body and Wing meat in block (size 7-9cm, 9-11cm, 11cm-Up) and Half-shell in IQF. Diameter of shell 6-7cm (20-25pcs/kg) , 7-9cm (15-20 pcs/kg) , 9-11cm (10-15pcs/kg).

Main markets for shell mollusca are USA, EU, and Australia Hong Kong, Singapore. We can co-load our shell mollusca product with other items in a single shipment.

Viet Asia Foods is highly regarded shell mollusca exporters / suppliers from Viet Nam. We supply quality shell mollusca to importers.

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