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3-Spot Crab

Yellow clam Meat

Silver silago - Whitting - Shirogisu / Kisu

Pike Conger - Conger Eel - Hamo Anago

Red Squirrel Snapper - Ebisudai

Sardine - Mamakari

Bigeye Scad - Meaji Hiraki

White pomfret

Tiger Fish

Cherry Shrimps - Sakura Ebi

Redtail Fusilier - Takasago

Pearl perch

Mud Crab



Indian Volute

Pangasius Roll

Pangasius Marinated

Skewer Of Panasius & Salmon

Sea coconut meat

Jack Mackerel - Sawara

Fourfinger Threadfin

Gourami, Gourami fish, Snakeskin gourami

Whole round Gangetic Mystus / Kabashi Tengra

Blue Mussel / Asian Green Mussel

Natural Coconut Charcoal for Hookah Shisha

Spiny Eel / Lesser Spiny Eel / Star Baim / Tara Baim

Sheatfish / Ompok pabda / Modhu pabda

Silver barb / Java barb / Rajiputi / Puti


Stripped Dwarf Catfish - Black Tengra

Hilsa shad - Hilsa - Ilish

Swamp eel

Pangasius sub-products

Grey bamboo shark

Japanese butterfish

Red Pomfret / Red Pacu / Red bellied Pacu

Tiger tooth Croaker

Starspotted smooth-hound shark

Goat fish / Paradise threadfin / Taposhi

Ruby Snapper

Flathead fish / Bartail Flathead fish / Megochi

Goldstripe sardinella

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