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We are reliable fish exporters / suppliers from Vietnam. We provide first quality fish products to the importers. We can also help you to import fish to USA / America. Let's check typical fish products below.

White Snapper


Marble Goby

Belanger's Croaker

Jack Mackerel - Sawara

Fourfinger Threadfin

Gourami, Gourami fish, Snakeskin gourami

Whole round Gangetic Mystus / Kabashi Tengra

Spiny Eel / Lesser Spiny Eel / Star Baim / Tara Baim

Sheatfish / Ompok pabda / Modhu pabda

Silver barb / Java barb / Rajiputi / Puti


Stripped Dwarf Catfish - Black Tengra

Hilsa shad - Hilsa - Ilish

Swamp eel

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