Yellowtail Scad - Fish

Yellowtail Scad

(Atule mate)

High quality Yellow Tail Scad (Atule mate) products from highly regarded Yellow Tail Scad (Atule mate) exporters / suppliers.

Whole round

Size (Pc/kg) : 8-12 13-15 16-20 21-30

Packing : Semi-block 5kgs x 2/carton

Yellowtail Scad, others names: Mate-aji, Mabuta-shima-aji is among Scad fish group, living in all Vietnam seas but mostly in Vung Tau, Ben Tre, An Gian and Phu quoc Islands. This fish is sweet, easy to cooked in many delicious meals, Grilled Yellowtail Scad and soup are popular meals for Vietnamese people, the meat is delicious but the price is reasonable. Every year Vietnam often exports a high volume Frozen Yellowtail and others Scad Fishes to Global market.

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