Yellow stripe trevally - Hosohira-Aji - Fish

Yellow stripe trevally - Hosohira-Aji

(Selaroides leptolepsis)

High quality Yellow stripe trevally (Selaroides leptolepsis) products from highly regarded Yellow stripe trevally (Selaroides leptolepsis) exporters / suppliers.

Whole round : Size (Pc/Kg) 15-20  20-25  25-30.
Fillets Size (Cm/pc) 5-7cm  7-10cm.
Packing IQF Bulk pack 10kg , semi-block 5kg x 2 , Vac/pack 1kg

Yellow Stripe Trevally or Japanese name Hosohira-Aji is so common fish in Vietnam, especially Dried Yellow Stripe is a specialty food in many provinces, Ca mau, Phu Quoc Islands, Nha Trang, etc. This seafood is so sweet, savory and expensive, each year Vietnam export a large volume Frozen and Dried Hosohira-Aji to Japan, South Korea, EU and US. In 2007 Russia is biggest costumer who imported 524 tons Vietnam Yellow Stripe Trevally, that proved the high value of this seafood item.

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