Yellow Croaker - Fish

Yellow Croaker

(Pseudosciaena crocea)

High quality Yellow Croaker (Pseudosciaena crocea) products from highly regarded Yellow Croaker (Pseudosciaena crocea) exporters / suppliers.

Whole round , Whole clean , bulk pack or IQF

Size (Gr/Pc) : 150-200 , 200-300 , 300-500, 500/UP

Yellow Croaker, among Croaker group is an important seafood product export for Vietnam economy. In 2007 Vietnam exported 52,000 tons Frozen Croaker to South Korea and a remarkable volume to EU and US. This fish is a favorite item for American Customers who often buy both Fresh and Dried Yellow Croaker.

Yellow Croaker live in all Vietnam seas, the fishery volume is rolling down due to the over catching, however Vietnam are farming this fish in wide range, especially in the southern provinces. This is a valuable product, nutritional and high priced, a well known seafood dish in Vietnam and the world

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