Yellow Catfish / Yellow Magur - Fish

Yellow Catfish / Yellow Magur

(Clarias macrocephalus)

High quality Yellow Catfish / Yellow Magur  (Clarias macrocephalus) products from highly regarded Yellow Catfish (Clarias macrocephalus) exporters / suppliers.

WGGS , H&G 200/300 300/500 , Vac/Pack 500g , 1kg

Yellow Catfish lives in all Vietnam rivers, this species is well known in Southeast Asia, stays mostly in ThaiLan, Laos, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam. Yellow Catfish stays in lowland wetlands and rivers, occurs in shallow, open water and is capable of lying buried in mud for lengthy period if ponds and lakes evaporate during dry seasons. Catfish meat is tasty and sweet, for Vietnamese it is a popular meal long time ago. Besides the fishery, farmers are cultivating Catfish due to its high demand, in recent years, Vietnam has exported Frozen Yellow Catfish to global markets.

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