White pomfret - Fish

White pomfret

(Stromateoides argenteus)

High quality White pomfret (Stromateoides argenteus) products from highly regarded White pomfret (Stromateoides argenteus) exporters / suppliers.

Sea-caught and farm-raised.

Whole round , WGGS size 100/200 200/300 300/500 500/up


White Pomfret or Managat-suo, lives in all Vietnam seas, this fish has been popular with Vietnamese for many years, a delicious seafood, high Omega 3 and Vitamin content, the meat is sweet and savory. Dried White Pomfret is a special dish in many provinces. Due to high demand in local and international market, in 1998 Vietnam import Fresh water - White Pomfret from Amazon’s area. Nowadays White Pomfret are cultivated on a large scale, especially in Delta Mekong. This is a valuable seafood product,  besides domestic market Each year Vietnam exports an remarkable Frozen Managat-suo to Japan, Korea and others countries.

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