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High quality Tuna products from highly regarded Tuna exporters / suppliers.

Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus albacares) : Loin with/without CO , 1-2 2-4 3-5kg , IVP 25kg/carton ; Steak skin on/off , bone in/out 5kg bulk.

Tuna Saku , Grade AAA Size weight : 6oz-8oz 10oz-11oz
Packing : 11lbs/foam case x 2/ctn.

Bullet Tuna - Baby Bonita (Auxis rochei) : Whole round 300-500 500-700 block , IQF ; fillet loin boiled.

Skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis) : Whole round 1-1.8kg , 1.8kg-up ; WGGS 800-1200 , 1200-up ; Steak bone-in

Skipjack chunk, flakes in oil, in brine: 130/185 x 24 cans/ctn

Bonito chunk in oil: 130/185 x 48 cans/ctn



Tuna is a kind of fish that are widely popular in Vietnam and over the world. Tuna meals appear anywhere, from daily to tradition recipes, from mid- to high-class restaurants. Tuna export contributes to the whole Tuna export volume from Vietnam, which is only behind Shrimp and Pangasius export. Vietnamese Tuna fishes are favorite import products for difficult markets like US, EU and Japan.

England is the world’s largest importer of Tuna where Sri Lanka is number one exporter with the market share of 24%, and Vietnam is second with 22%. Vietnam not only exports Frozen Tuna to England and Japan, but also to others European countries like Germany, France, Spain and Italy, that proved the high value of this seafood.

Vietnam seas has an interesting collection of Tuna fishes: Yellowfin Tuna - Kihara, Skipjack Tuna - Katsuo, Longtail Tuna - Koshinaga, Eastern little Tuna - Hiragatsu, Frigate tuna - Hirasoda, Bigeye Tuna - Mebachi Mebuto, Striped Tuna - Hagatsuo, Yellowfin Tuna – Kihara. All of them are favorite seafood items for both domestic and global market.

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