Tongue Sole Fish - Hirame - Fish

Tongue Sole Fish - Hirame

(Cynoglossus Bilineatus)

High quality Tongue Sole Fish (Cynoglossus Bilineatus) products from highly regarded Tongue Sole Fish (Cynoglossus Bilineatus) exporters / suppliers.

Fillets: 35/40 , 40/45 , 45/55 , 55/70 Grs/Pc

IQF : 1 x 10 , 250g x 40/carton

Ring : 40 Grs/Pc , 25 Pcs/PA VAc/Pack x 10

Tongue Sole Fish – English name and Hirame – Japanese name, is a special fish living under sand and mud, occurs in both fresh and saltwater. This fish is popular seafood in Europe where the fishery volume is biggest in the world.  Tongue Sole Fish stays also in almost Vietnam seas and rivers, a very common fish for Vietnamese for many years, its meat is so sweet, tasty and no allergy. Tongue Sole Fish recipes are various from raw to ripen, plus the sauce made of Tongue Sole Fish is excellent. Besides domestic market, Vietnam also exports a stable amount Frozen Hirame to Japan and others countries

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