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(Therapon theraps)

High quality Tiger Fish (Therapon theraps) products from highly regarded Tiger Fish (Therapon theraps) exporters / suppliers.

Whole round 100/200 200/300 300/500 500/up , IQF , 2lbs/PE x 12/carton

Vietnam Tiger Fish stays mostly in the northern and central seas, but it can live in brackish water, near big river mount.  This is a valuable seafood item but the fishery volume is limit each year, depending heavily on season and climate. Its meat is so delicious: sweet, tasty, solid and the price is ... expensive. Tiger Fish is also a special food in Center area, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai- local seas where this fish concentrates the most. The fishery is all year round, beside domestic market, Vietnam Tiger Fish is also imported to Japan and the other foreign markets.

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