Threadfin Bream - Itoyoridai - Fish

Threadfin Bream - Itoyoridai

(Nemipterus spp)

High quality Threadfin Bream (Nemipterus spp) products from highly regarded Threadfin Bream (Nemipterus spp) exporters / suppliers.

Whole round , whole gutted Size 100/200 , 200/300 , 300/500 (grs/pc) , bulk pack 10kg/carton

Fillets skin on all sizes , butterfly cut 25-30-35 pcs/600g x 10/ctn

Threadfin Bream, Japanese name: Itoyoridai, is a kind of Threadfin fish family. These seafood products are common seafood for Vietnamese, they can be cooked as many recipes, their meat are tasty, nutritional, rich Omega 3 and vitamins.  Threadfin Bream occurs in all Vietnam seas where fishery depends heavily on climate and season. Each year Vietnam export a considerable volume Frozen Itoyoridai and others Threadfin fishes to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and other countries. Threadfin Bream is not only export in form as Frozen Whole and Fillet,  but also in form as sauce which is one of favorite sauces for Japanese and Korea.

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