Sting ray fish - Fish

Sting ray fish

(Dasyatis Uarnak)

High quality Sting ray fish (Dasyatis Uarnak) products from highly regarded Sting ray fish (Dasyatis Uarnak) exporters / suppliers.

Fillet , skinless , cartilage on.

Size : 10-15 16-20 20-25 (cm/pc)

Packed Block , IQF , IWP or Bulk

Sting ray fish – General name or Yakko – Japanese name is a favorite seafood meal with Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and others Asian people. Sting ray fish live in all Vietnam seas, especially in central and southern provinces. Dried Sting ray fish also has been a famous dish in Vietnam longtime ago. Yakko meat is so delicious and high priced. Every Year, Vietnam export a large volume Frozen Sting Ray Fish and Dried Yakko to Japan, Korea and Hong kong. The products are packed as Frozen Block or IQF, Frozen Whole or Frozen Fillet.

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