Snakehead fish - Mud fish - Showl - Fish

Snakehead fish - Mud fish - Showl

(Ophiocephalus maculatus)

High quality Snakehead fish - Mud fish - Showl (Ophiocephalus maculatus) products from highly regarded Snakehead fish - Mud fish - Showl (Ophiocephalus maculatus) exporters / suppliers.

Whole gutted 1kg Vac/Pack x 10

Whole skin on/off 10kgs

Fillets skin on/off IWP : 8-10 , 10-up (oz/pc)

Steaks 20 x 500 gr


Chunk / Portion  vacuum pack, 15 x 500 gr/pk  :  1,5 – 2.5 cm/pc




* Other scientific names : Channa maculata, Channa striata, Channa Striatus


Snakehead Fish is a kind of fish living in bottom of rivers, lakes and ponds, close to the mud, so it’s called also Mud Fish. Snakehead Fish stays in fresh and brackish water, this species is found anywhere in Vietnam. For a long time Mud Fish has been so popular fish with Vietnamese people, the meat is sweet, tasty and easy to cook for many recipes: grilled, boiled and Soup…

Due to high demand in domestic and global market, Vietnam farmers are raising Snakehead Fish in recent years, mostly in the south area (Tien Giang, An Giang, Dong Thap, Hau Giang, Can tho...), near Mekong river. Vietnam Frozen Snakehead Fish usually export to EU, US, Japan etc… this is a valuable seafood product which brings back dozens of USD million to the country.

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