Silver silago - Whitting - Shirogisu / Kisu - Fish

Silver silago - Whitting - Shirogisu / Kisu

(Silago sihama)

High quality Silver silago - Whitting (Silago sihama) products from highly regarded Silver silago - Whitting (Silago sihama) exporters / suppliers.

Whole round , whole gutted , H&G 500g tray pack

Fillet skin-on single , butterfly 10-13 13-15 15-up (cm/pc)


Silver silago - English name or Shirogisu – Kisu  - Japanese name, a kind of fish stays mostly in Vietnam central and southern seas. This seafood is a special meal in Binh Thuan, Phan Rang, its meat is so sweet and can be eaten raw or ripen. Grilled or Dried Silver silago with green chili and vegetables are so popular with local people and tourists for many years.

Silver Silago is also an important seafood export, especially each year Vietnam export an remarkable volume Frozen Shirogisu to Japan where this fish is well known as a common meal as well as special dish. There are many Shirogisu’s forms to export, Whole Round Whitting, Packaged Whiting Fillet, Frozen Whiting Fillet and Dried Silver Silago

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