Sand Goby / Baila - Fish

Sand Goby / Baila

(Glossogobius giuris)

High quality Sand Goby / Baila (Glossogobius giuris) products from highly regarded Sand Goby (Glossogobius giuris) exporters / suppliers.

Whole round or whole gutted , Vac/Pack

Sand Goby is a kind of Goby fish family, living in both rivers and seas. Sand Goby  has been popular fishes in Vietnam dozen years ago, appears in daily as well as tradition foods. Beside the fishery following climate and season, Sand Goby  is also raised in aqua farmers in the south – Mekong rivers system, in lakes, ponds and cages.  These seafood products are valuable and high priced, Vietnam often exports Frozen Sand Goby to the EU market.

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