Ribbon Fish -Hairtail - Tachiuo - Fish

Ribbon Fish -Hairtail - Tachiuo

(Trichiurus lepturus)

High quality Ribbon Fish -Hairy tail (Trichiurus lepturus) products from highly regarded Ribbon Fish -Hairy tail (Trichiurus lepturus) exporters / suppliers.

Whole round IQF IWP 10KG M/C 300/500 , 500/700 , 700/1000 , 1000/1200 , 1200/1500 , 1500/2000 AND 2KG UP

Chunks : 1kg/PA Vac/Pack x 10/ctn , length 10-12cm


Ribbon Fish, Hairtail or Japanese name: Tachiuo is so popular fish in Vietnam, it lives in all Vietnam seas but mostly in central provinces where White Hartail is one the most specialties. The fishery volume each year is considerable, Vietnam usually exports Frozen Tachiuo and Dried Hairtail to Japan, South Korea and Honkong where White Hairtail usually appears in the menu of high end Restaurants. In Japan, Tachiuo is often eaten raw – Sashimi style, in South Korea, Galchi Jorim is a famous Korean Steamed Hairtail with special sauce and vegetables, while Dry Fried Hairtail is an excellent food in Hong kong restaurants

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