Red-tail Tinfoil Barb - Fish

Red-tail Tinfoil Barb

(Puntius altus)

High quality Red-tail Tinfoil Barb (Puntius altus) products from highly regarded Red-tail Tinfoil Barb (Puntius altus) exporters / suppliers.

Whole round 220/250 , 250/UP grs/pc

IQF , 2 Pcs/Tray Vac/pack , 40 Lbs or 10kg/carton

Red-tail Tinfoil Barb are found anywhere in Vietnam territory but it occurs mostly in the south area, in Mekong rivers system. Due to fishery amount is rolling down, few years ago, people in Southern provinces has cultivated this fish in lakes, ponds or cages in the rivers. Red-tail Tinfoil Barb is easy to farm and fast growing. Frozen Red-tail Tinfoil Barb export volume is still small, however Red-tail Tinfoil Barb farmers increase constantly in recent years, so hopefully this seafood product will have a bright future.

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