Red Mullet - Akahimeji - Fish

Red Mullet - Akahimeji

(Parupeneus barberinu)

High quality Red Mullet (Parupeneus barberinu) products from highly regarded Red Mullet (Parupeneus

barberinu) exporters / suppliers.

Fillets skin on , size 20-40 40-60 60-up (g/pcs)

IQF 10 x 1kg or bulk 10kg

Red mullet, Goatfish - English name or Akahimeji - Japanese name, is a fish living in all Vietnam seas. There are nearly 100 Goatfish species in oceans but in Vietnam where 5 popular occur: Darkband Goatfish, Red mullet, Red Mullet Goatfish, Dash-and-Dot Goatfish and Yellow Goatfish. Red Mullet and Goatfish family is a common seafood in Vietnamese daily meals. Besides, Vietnam also exports a remarkable Frozen Akahimeji amount to Belgium and others European countries. Frozen Red Mullet usually are imported to EU market in form as Frozen Block or IQF

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