Pike Conger - Conger Eel - Hamo Anago - Fish

Pike Conger - Conger Eel - Hamo Anago

(Muraenesox cinereus)

High quality Pike Conger -Conger Eel (Muraenesox cinereus) products from highly regarded Pike Conger -Conger Eel (Muraenesox cinereus) exporters / suppliers.

WGGS or H&G or chunks.

H&G size 1-2 2-5kg/pcs , bulk pack 10kg

Pike Conger, Conger Eel, English name, or Hamo Anago Japanese is a kind of fish living in Red Sea, on the coast of northern Indian Ocean, in East Pacific from Indochina to Japan. Twain has biggest Pike Conger volume in the world while in Japan they appear as popular daily meals.

Conger Eel occurs in all Vietnam seas, the largest volume stays in Ca Mau, Binh Dinh and Ninh Hoa provinces. Pike Conger is a nutritional seafood and safe – not allergic to sick people, especially, a good meal for pregnant women. Each year Vietnam exports many tons of Frozen Hamo Anago to Japan where an well known dish is Surimi, besides, others Asian countries import also Vietnamese Pike Conger. This Fish is not only an excellent food but also is an useful remedy in Oriental Medicine

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