Parrot Fish - Fish

Parrot Fish

(Scarus ghobban)

High quality Parrot Fish (Scarus ghobban) products from highly regarded Parrot Fish (Scarus ghobban) exporters / suppliers.

Fillets skin on/off IQF 10 x 1kg or shatterpack

Size g/pcs : 120/170 170/220 220/up or 100-200  200-300  300-500  500-800

Parrot Fish – English name or Hibudai –Japanese name is a kind of fish living in coral reefs, rocky coasts, and seagrass beds in the Indo-Pacific. This fish is colorful with, blue, red and white. Parrot is not the omnivorous species, so it grows slowly, but it is valuable as the reward, all parts of Hibudai from head to tail, can be used in various meals. Parrot Fish live in all Vietnam seas and the largest volume occurs in Con Dao Islands, in the south. Hibudai is an excellent seafood products and high price too; the fishery depends on season and climate. Vietnam export Frozen Parrot Fish to Japan and other Asian Countries every year.

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