Mullet Fish - Bata - Fish

Mullet Fish - Bata

(Mugil cephalus)

High quality Mullet Fish / Bata (Mugil cephalus) products from highly regarded Mullet Fish / Bata (Mugil cephalus) exporters / suppliers.

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Packing : IVP 500g , 1kg/PA x 10/ctn

Mullet Fish – English name, Mugil cephalus  – Scientific name  or Bora - Japanese name is found worldwide in coastal temperate and tropical waters, some Mullet Fishes in fresh water. This fish is a commercial product in many countries thanks to the reasonable price and its quality.  Bora is also easy to farm and fast growing. In Vietnam, besides fishery, people in northern to the central provinces raised Mullet Fish in the brackish waters ponds or in cages along the seas. This is not only a common fish in Vietnam but also a value export item, EU and US market import regular Frozen Mullet Fish each year.

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