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High quality Milk Fish (Chanos Chanos) products from highly regarded Milk Fish (Chanos Chanos) exporters / suppliers.

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Milk fish-English name and Sabahii – Japanese name is a sole living species in the family Chanidae, living in the Indian Ocean and across the Pacific Ocean. Normally Milk fish are about 0.7 to 1,5 meter in length, and 5-7 kg, the bigger ones can grow to 1.8 meter and 14 kg, the biggest score is 20 kg. Milk fish is national fish in Philippines, more than a half of global fishery amount is from this country.

In Vietnam, Sabahii fish are found mostly in central seas, From Nha Trang to Phan Thiet Provinces. Besides wide-caught fish, people in this area are nourishing Sabahii in cages along the seacoast. Every year Vietnam exports Frozen Milk Fish to Europe market. With the number of farming cages increasing each year, this country hopes to sell a remarkable volume to global market in the near future.

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