Marble Goby - Fish

Marble Goby

(Oxyeleotris Marmorata)

High quality Marble Goby (Oxyeleotris Marmorata) products from highly regarded Marble Goby (Oxyeleotris Marmorata) exporters / suppliers.

Whole gutted marble goby

Size: 300-500g/pc

Oxyeleotris Marmorata - Marble Goby is a species of sleeper goby native to fresh and brackish waters, this species occurs in Vietnam, ThaiLan, Malaysia, Brunei, Laos and Cambodia.  In Viet Nam Marble Goby concentrates mainly in the south, near Delta Mekong, before it is often caught in the rivers but in recent years, people are raised Marble Goby in cages due to its high demand.

Provinces like: Dong Nai, An Giang, Ca Mau in the south of Vietnam are spreading a number of Marble Goby farms and export a remarkable volume to international markets each year. At this moment, Asia is the primary market for Vietnam Marble Goby, however Vietnam Frozen Marble Bogy start to appear in The US and EU market.

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