King Snapper - Himedai - Fish

King Snapper - Himedai

(Pristipomoides filamentosus)

High quality King Snapper ( Pristipomoides filamentosus) products from highly regarded King Snapper ( Pristipomoides filamentosus) exporters / suppliers.

Whole gutted , Fillets skin on/off 100/200 200/300 300/500 500/800 g/pcs

IQF 10 x 1kg , Shatterpack 5kg x 2....

King Snapperor or Rosy Jobfish is one of the favorite seafood for Vietnamese daily meals. King Snapper lives in any Vietnam seas.  Every year Japanese, Korean and Hong Kong customers import a remarkable quantity of Frozen King Snapper from Vietnam. Nowadays other clients from EU and US are paying more attention at this Vietnamese seafood item.  Besides global market, King Snapper is also popular seafood in the domestic market.

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