Hardtail Scad - Fish

Hardtail Scad

(Megalaspis cordyla)

High quality Hardtail Scad (Megalaspis cordyla) products from highly regarded Hardtail Scad (Megalaspis cordyla) exporters / suppliers .

Whole round
Size (Gr/Pc) 300-500 , 500-1000 , 1000/up
Packing : IQF block 10kgs/carton

Hardtail Scad is a kind of fish living in Vietnamese Seas from north to south. The smallest Hardtail Scad fish is about 200 g and the biggest one is more than 1kg. Like other valuable sea fishes, Hardtail Scad is rare and high-priced product. The fishery volume is small each year, depending on season and climate. Besides domestic market, each year, Vietnam also exports Frozen Hardtail Scad and Dried Hardtail Scad to demanding Asian market.

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