Fourfinger Threadfin - Fish

Fourfinger Threadfin

(Eleutheronema tetradactylum)

Size (gr / pcs): 100/300, 300/500, 500/up.

Amount: 2 - 4 tons

Fourfinger Threadfin is a kind of fish found in tropical to subtropical waters throughout the world. Threadfin body is elongated and fusiform, with spinous and soft dorsal fins widely separated. Their tail fins are large and deeply forked; indicating speed and agility. Threadfin fish is so popular in the world and is used in many delicious recipes. Vietnam has two principal Threadfin kinds which are Indian Threadfin, living in the south and Fourfinger Threadfin liviing in the north and center.

Fourfinger Threadfin is a delicious fish with reasonable price which Vietnam usually export an remarkable quantity to the global market. Besides the mariner fishing every year, Vietnam is trying to grow this species in aquaculture farms so that in years to come, they can rely on this stable source to supply increasing quantity to domestic and global markets. Actually Thailand is a biggest Fourfinger Threadfin supplier, occupied 52% of world production.

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