Common Climbing Perch - KOI - Fish

Common Climbing Perch - KOI

(Anabas testudineus)

High quality Common Climbing Perch - Koi ( Anabas testudineus) products from highly regarded Common Climbing Perch - Koi ( Anabas testudineus) exporters / suppliers.

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Size: 4/6/8/10/12 (pcs/kg)
Vacuum pack , IWP ..., 5 x 2kg , 10 x 1kg

Size : 80grs up
Packing : 400grs/tray, PA VAC x 30

Common Climbing Perch, or Koi in Arabic name, or Ro Fish in Vietnamese name is a small fish weighing from 50g to 200g. This specie is best identified by the thickset body and rounded head.Its color is brown or black, the dorsal fin is long and spiny, and the tail fin is short. Ro fish lives in lakes and rivers, and is quite strong- it is able to survive for some time out of water in damp environments.

In Vietnam, Common Climbing Perch is a very popular fish, used in plenty of dishes, especially delicious soup – combination of Ro fish and green vegetables. Vietnamese farmers are growing this fish mostly to meet the high demand in domestic market.

Though this is a tasty fish with reasonable price, the amount of Frozen Climbing Perch export is limited, due to cited reasons from the unstable supply from farmers, to its lower value market compared to other fishes and relatively obscure name among world-wide consumers. However hopefully this will change in recent future.

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