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(Rachycentron canadum)

High quality Cobia ( Rachycentron canadum) products from highly regarded Cobia ( Rachycentron canadum) exporters / suppliers.

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Cobia is a kind of fish living in big Oceans and is a high quality seafood product. Based on reliable researches, Cobia has been proved to contain even higher amount of Omega 3 than Tuna; plus the meat is savory and light-textured, not like other marine fishes. Cobia is a high value seafood product in EU and US market, however each year the demand is high while the supply is quite low.

Cobia fish came to Vietnam several years ago and is being grown near northern and central Seas. Cobia’s cultivation develops constantly and regularly every year. In the next 5 years, Vietnamese suppliers hope to export enough Frozen Cobia to the US and EU, to meet the heated demand in these markets.

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