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High quality Coconut products from highly regarded Coconut exporters / suppliers.

Coconut Chips:
Chips, dried, white color
Vac/Pack, 10 x 2kg/ctn, 5 x 2lbs/10lbs

Coconut Chunk IQF, 8 x 10cm
Packing: 6 x 4kg/ctn

Coconut Shell Charcoal: 40-50kg/bag

Coconut Fibre, 5-25cm.
Packing:  in bale, each bale 30kg

Desiccated Coconut, grated, Vac/Pack with rider
10 x 2kg/ctn, 10 x 1lb/10lb....

Whole Coconut, cover removed, mesh bag
Packing: 20pcs/bag

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