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Viet Asia Foods is reliable agri-products from Viet Nam  

We supply mainly frozen vegetables , fruits and cereals in many kinds of processing and packing forms .  We also do some dried products.  

We export Red Chili ( stack on/off ) , Bitter Melon ( whole , half-cut , slice ) , Sweet Potato , Yam ( white and violet ) , Cassava ( whole and grated ) , Jack fruit meat , Sea Coconut meat , Lemongrass ( chopped and sliced ) , Corn ( whole boiled vacuum packed ) , Peanuts ( boiled vacuum packed)....

We do some  juice products  packed in plastic can like Coconut Juice , Pennywort Juice and Sugar Cane Juice . The drink is very sweet and nutritious. 

Products that we have stable quantity year round are pineapple , banana , mango . We process mainly  slice frozen type for these items. 

Some leaves that we also use for export are Banana leaf , Pandan leaf  , Lemongrass crushed stalks. 

We have good market in the EU , USA , Australia and in some Asian countries.  

You can combine few kinds of our agri-products in a single shipment.

Viet Asia Foods is highly regarded agri products exporters / suppliers from Viet Nam. We supply quality agri products to importers.

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