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Viet Asia Foods is highly regarded fish exporter from Vietnam. We process several sea fish and fresh water fish.

Our sea fish in Vietnam mainly are :  Groupers ( Grouper family ) , Red Snappers ( Snapper family ) , King Snapper , White Snapper , Red Mullet , Parrot fish , Tuna , Swordfish , Threadfin Bream , Red big eyes , Indian Mackerel , King Mackerel , Silago ( Whitting ) , Yellow Croaker , Hairy Tail ( Ribbon fish ) , Emperor , Black Pomfret , Rabbit fish , Leather Jacket , Barramundi.....

Our main markets for sea fish are Australia ( reef fish ) , USA and the EU . Grouper fillets skinless are well accepted in US market with our guarantee of DNA testing .

For the fresh water fish , Red Tilapia and  Black Tilapia are our main items . We export these fish under whole gutted , steaks form to Asian communities in the EU .

We also handle Basa fillets ( Swai and Pangasius fillets are the same name ) with white meat and light  and non-additive treated for specified channels .

You can combine few kinds of our fish in a single shipment . 

Viet Asia Foods is highly regarded vietnam exporters / suppliers from Viet Nam. We supply quality vietnam to importers.

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