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Viet Asia Foods is well-respected crabs exporter from Viet Nam.

Viet Asia Foods  supply mainly whole round  crabs and half-cut crabs . We also sell good quality cooked crab meat with sweet taste , firm texture and in high  standard of hygiene .

For the whole round blue swimmer , we have  sizes 100/200 200/300 300/500.

For the whole round 3-spots crab , we have size  50/100 100/200 200/300

For the half-cut products we process sizes : 11/15, 16/20, 21/40, 40/60 pcs/kg.

We export live mud crab by air to Singapore , Hong Kong . Our live mud crab sizes are 300/500 500/700 700/up gr/pc          

You can co-load our crab product with other species in a single shipment 

Viet Asia Foods is highly regarded korea, republic of exporters / suppliers from Viet Nam. We supply quality korea, republic of to importers.

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