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Viet Asia Foods is highly regarded cephalopods exporter from Viet Nam.We supply mainly squid, octopus and cuttlefish.

For the squid, we export whole round squid, whole cleaned squid, squid tube, and T & T squid. We do have big size whole round U/3 3/6 pcs / kg and whole cleaned U/5. Vietnamese squid is Loligo species with strong, firm and tasty meat.

For the Cuttlefish (cephalopods), we handle good quality and quantity of all sizes. This species we process into two forms mainly: Whole cleaned and Fillets. We are strong at supplying big size Whole cleaned cuttlefish like U/1 U/2 U/3 U/5 pcs /kg and big size Cuttlefish fillets like 1/2 2/4 5/7 8/12 pcs / kg . The cuttlefish meat is thick and tasty.

For the octopus, we sell single skin and double skin species. Quality is good, white color; the meat is firm with less water absorbing during processing stages.

Our main markets for cephalopods are countries in the EU like Germany, Holland, Italy.....You can buy from us several cephalopods items in a single shipment

Viet Asia Foods is highly regarded hong kong exporters / suppliers from Viet Nam. We supply quality hong kong to importers.

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